Connect-Up 2021 Finalists!

¡Finalistas del Connect-Up 2021!
Joana Fiol collecting the finalist award

In November 2021 we were selected as one of the eight finalists of Connect Up: the training and mentoring program that brings together the majority of innovative entities and companies in the Balearic Islands. It is organized by the Grup Serra, sponsored by CaixaBank and continues to be active thanks to the support of all the companies and entities that believe in innovation as a means to generate a better future for our economy.

From November to January we have been immersed in a training process of all kinds (legal, financial, entrepreneurial skills, etc), of which we highlight the speaking sessions and individual mentoring with our mentor David Martin from Damavis. From here we want to thank him once again for the support and involvement that he has had from minute 1, being one of the team and giving us full power!

Last Thursday the 27th was the final, and although our project was not the winner, we feel like such, the prize is having participated and having met so many interesting people with whom to create synergies.

Without further delay, I leave you here the final PITCH of Medifresco (without nerves from the direct), so that you can understand a little more who we are, why we do what we do and what we want to be!


We can't afford to keep wasting food at home, neither for ourselves nor for the planet. How much food do you still have to throw away every week? Think about it. The data shows that each household wastes an average of 1000 EUROS a year on food. All a waste. And the reality is that PLANNING is THE SOLUTION.

That is our goal: to avoid food waste by changing the way we buy, BUYING BY RECIPES, planning while having fun cooking and taking care of the environment, using recycled and reusable packaging with as little plastic as possible. We send the FAIR AND NECESSARY ingredients to cook recipes with QUALITY AND SEASONAL ingredients, helping you save time on purchases and plan your week, all through our website.

I am Joana and together with Jorge and Pere we have created Medifresco, a relatively new idea in Spain and especially in Mallorca, but a SUCCESSFUL AND BOOMING business in northern European countries and in the USA. We know that in Spain everything is late, but it arrives, and we want to be a driving force so that this arrival speeds up.

MORE THAN 30% of clothes are already bought online, and that is something that we have to prove to ourselves, yes or yes, it is INEVITABLE that we reach these figures in the food sector and by then, we will be a reference player in the sector.

Things have accelerated since we entered the Connect Up, our spirit no longer feels small. Now we have raised our eyes and we are projecting it directly to the Peninsula, the PLAN is DRAWN, the NUMBERS CALCULATED and THE LOGISTICS FIGURED OUT. We are already doing the first tests with our acquaintances and once the pilots have been validated, we will be ready to OPEN THE MARKET in the main cities, and as soon as we meet our objective metrics, the next step will be to open a LOGISTICS BASE in the Peninsula and of course, continue GROWING as we consolidate business foundations. In addition, we are working to personalize customers' diets based on their preferences using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

The Medifresco of today WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ONE OF TOMORROW, it is not necessary to go very far to see the SCALABILITY AND EVOLUTION of Medifresco beyond expanding borders: we can offer Nutrition Plans with specialist doctors , they can be offered in marketplaces and make life easier for doctors, company workers, boats, even be part of the school menu for children!

Finally, thank you for the opportunity to participate, to learn, to question and to challenge ourselves even more to dare to think differently because THOSE WHO TRY IT REPEAT IT. Our plan is to be in your plans and that TOGETHER we are part of the Revolution for a HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE diet.


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